Wells Money Brokers

Wells Money Brokers

Wells Money Brokers is an independent deposit specialist that offers a straightforward, professional and unique market leading service to corporate, institutional and professional investors for the placement of their cash deposits. They have recently approached us to refresh their corporate identity as well as to give a fresh and contemporary look and feel to their website.

The challenge

On of our challenges was to refresh the Wells identity (logotype, colours, imagery style etc.) without moving away too much from their old logo as it may have caused their brand to loose recognisability and integrity on the niche market of money depositors. Their main aim was to convey trustworthiness and a company that pulls gravitas and reliability.

Although, their old logo was made using the classic Helvetica typeface which is famous for being the most versatile and reliable typeface in the world, it was very much based in typographical antiquity given its features (tall x height etc.) and looks that could have been well replaced by a contemporary typeface that sit well within both the digital and analogue world.

We have chosen Montserrat as the foundation for the new logotype famous for provoding elegant solutions for both prints and web based projects. It also has a wide variety of weights that can provide further subtle intricacies when applied appropriately.

Old Wells logotype

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Refreshed Wells logotype

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Initial sketches, wireframes for desktop and mobile, colour exploration, typeface pairing etc…

Our process:

Our approach was simple as to exploring the avenues of brand refresh given its linear direction and the fact that we were given a tight budget and deadline. Mobile and desktop wireframing ensued after exploring hand-drawn UX design. We also used a variety of tools to match colours to lend the company the ethos the owners wanted.

We moved away from using the darkish crimson red and instead we settled for the midnight blue as their main primary colour with the complementary colour being amber yellow often used in business management. We also added two types of greys given the fact that colour behaves differently on screen and when printed.

The company also wanted to appear forward-thinking, hence moving away from typeface pairing (sans-serif and supporting serif) and deciding on only one corporate typeface (Monsterrat).

Typeface and colour palette

Wells mobile and browser favicon

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 15.18.58


Wells sticky header logo on mobile devices

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 15.19.03


Monochrome images ensure that any corporate colour or message overlaid would not be distracted by colour pictures. Images with grey overlay also lend a simple, trustworthy and hassle-free service statement to the company. The nature of the images tend to be human-centered as they focus on the hands and the tasks they perform in this sector alluding to co-operation and personal care.

Splitting the canvas

Wells Money Brokers have two main ‘product’ services on offer both dealing with depositing capital with the best possible returns using different financial instruments.

Both their ‘Cash Brokerage’ and ‘Cash Consultancy’ service deserved equal attention so creating a symmetrically distributed information hierarchy was a must.

This ‘split screen effect’ is carried through both printed and digital elements preserving the importance of both service offering.


The ‘What we do’ page animation

What we delivered

We felt that the solutions were simple and subtle enough across all mediums and not too dissimilar from what they had originally, yet robust and dependable, worthy of trust in this highly volatile and competitive industry.

Although, this is a very small and niche market, we created some graphic assets for both digital and print catering for some marketing and brand positioning events should they be needed in the near future.

Our timely and budget-responsive service went down with the client really well so much so that we already have been recommended to one of their partners for a similar project on which we look forward to starting working.

“The refresh of our identity and launch of a new website was a really key part of our business strategy for this year and we wanted to work with a partner that truly understood us as a business and the service we offer our clients. Incorporate delivered all of this and more and we really valued their attention to detail, creative support and timely communication.”

Richard Sadler – Director
Wells Money Brokers