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Sunley Heritage

Bringing two timeless classics to life online

The website of this luxury apartment developer was in dire need of serious refurbishment. We constructed a new site from the ground up with clear, information architecture, beautifully crafted imagery, a restrained colour palette and an appropriately literary narrative style for the copy.

The challenge:

Sunley Heritage specialise in the luxurious conversion of historic country houses into spectacular and characterful apartments. With newly refurbished apartments becoming available for sale at both sites it became apparent that their existing website was in dire need of a contemporary refresh.

We needed to create a device responsive website that gave viewers a real taste of the refinement and grandeur available at both locations. We also needed to future-proof the site, making sure it would be easy to add subsequent or multiple apartments as they became available for sale.

As well as more effectively selling the lifestyle available at each location, we were specifically tasked with helping to justify the annual service charge.

New Vs. old Sunley Heritage home page

The solution:

Design thinking was embedded into the very core of the site. The simple information architecture and consistent structure of written content was allowing like-for-like comparison between the two locations. The sticky header making sure that easy navigation is always on hand.

The colour palettes for the different areas of the website were inspired by colours visible at each physical location. They differentiate each site and help visitors orientate themselves effectively.

The choice of typefaces reflects the experience of living in Sunley Heritage home. The traditional serif, Cormorant Garamond, complete with occasional ligatures, delivers the overarching classical refinement, while Source Sans Pro provides a contemporary edge.

We made magazine quality images the heroes of the site. From architectural detail to the wide-open spaces of the grounds – the beauty and finely crafted quality of both grand houses are celebrated with a visual cornucopia of delights.

Push panels at the foot of each page encourage further exploration and the visitor journey between the homepage and each individual apartment makes sure that any potential purchaser has ample opportunity to see all that each site has to offer – before they concentrate on the particulars of what is for sale.

The task of justifying the annual service charge is elegantly accomplished in the Estate Living section of each house. Here we emphasise all the ‘added value’ opportunities and facilities that are available at each location – as well as reminding the visitor that they have an Estate Team to care for their needs as well as those of the house and garden.

Like the discreet presence of a practiced butler, opportunities to progress down the sales funnel are offered up to the visitor at different moments throughout their journey – not getting in the way of exploration, but being on hand whenever the visitor might require them.

less than 2% bounce rate

pages viewed on average

average conversion rate

What is bounce rate?

Bounce rate is the percentage of all visits to a website where the viewer leaves after looking at only one page.

What is page view/visit?

Page view/visit is the average number of pages viewed during all visits to a website over a measured time frame. Average page views per visit are an excellent indicator of how compelling and easily navigated your content is.

What is conversion rate?

The conversion rate is the percentage of users who take a desired action. For Sunley we measured how many people actually viewed the apartment particulars.