Newship Group

Newship Group

Newship Group is a private family owned group of companies. The Group is made up of manufacturing, distribution and hire businesses operating in the packaging, construction, engineering and premium hire sectors. To this end, we were tasked to create a new look and feel for their brochure as well as website, using the existing logo and colourways. The client wanted a more contemporary feel, but one which would impart quality, integrity and longevity.

Our Challenges

Challenge – There were a number of challenges with this project. The brochure needed to introduce the Newship Group and also showcase all the other diverse businesses, with the added problem of needing some flexibility to grow the business and for the collateral to remain fresh, clean and professional, not dated.

The Newship Group  incorporates a variety of other companies, all offering a wide selection of products and services. We had to find a way of consolidating a design which would promote the Newship brand and give the other companies the kudos of being a part of the Newship group, all with equal status.

Solution – Firstly we decided that creating a generic folder, with inserts, would give Newship the longevity and flexibility that they were looking for. It would also allow the company to tailor their communications. We created a template for the inserts which would allow Newship to add to their portfolio.

Taking the existing Newship logo we explored ways of incorporating it into a graphic device or stamp which would effectively act as a stamp or seal of approval to promote the feeling of history, quality and assurance.

The Newship stamp evolved from a one colour circle to a hexagon to echo the modular nature of the graphic squares we employed on the folder cover to illustrate the group nature of the company.

Result – By developing the existing logo, principle colour palette and introducing strong graphics of squares and icons, Newship has a very strong, clean and contemporary presence across all media, giving flexibility and longevity.

Evolution of the Newship Group Seal:

Newship companies by the industry in which they operate:

On the Newship website business portfolio page we used category tabs (see ipad on the left) to filter the companies by the industry in which they operate in (construction, event hire, manufacturing and packaging) as a way to allow viewers to quickly access the necessary information about a specific industry or company. In parallel to this, on the printed brochure we created separate inserts with bespoke iconography (as indentifiers) for each business:

Finishing touches

To add depth and texture to the folder cover we used a spot varnish detail over the icon squares and over the logo stamp. This helps to intensify the colours and gives a feel of quality, drawing attention to the crucial aspects of the folder.

Timeline and social media integration

Newship were very keen on the idea of having a vertically structured historical timeline of their companies both digitally and in printed format as they wanted to communicate how and when certain businesses were established and how they related to the historical context as a Group. This was a particular challange on their digital platform as the conventional blog format available at the time had to be re-imagined according to the new specifications.

“We tasked Incorporate to refresh our Group identity and create a contemporary-looking corporate brochure and website that would show off the scale of Newship and its group of companies. We’re thrilled with what they delivered and were impressed by their attention to detail and highly personal project management throughout the process.”

Tracey Vincent
Newship Group