Adding contemporary flavour to an iconic global brand

The recipe for Kikkoman’s existing UK website was lacking in digital seasoning and out of date. We cooked up a new digital signature dish, designed to stimulate the senses of home cooks and professional chefs alike. The star ingredient was a huge recipe library, supported by a tasting menu of new content presented with an appropriate contemporary flourish.

The challenge:

Used by discerning home cooks and recognised as the number one choice for professional kitchens, Kikkoman is world renowned for the quality of its naturally brewed soy sauce. Even the iconic 150ml dispenser has even earned a place in the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

The existing UK website was technically outdated and didn’t effectively support Kikkoman’s premium brand status. We were tasked creating a contemporary, responsive website – developing a more compelling suite of content and making everything easier to find and more engaging to look at.

The solution:

The core brand colours of orange and black provide the foundation for the visual style of the website. The typeface Dagny Pro delivers contemporary clarity and a wide range of available weights allows plenty of typographic contrast and expression.

Full width rows deliver visual impact whatever size screen the site is viewed upon, while crafted photography provides a level of perceived quality appropriate for a global brand.

A large and varied library of recipes is the core driver of engagement and they can be accessed directly via the recipe book but also via product types, celebrity chefs or a section on healthy eating.

Clever filters make The Recipe Book and the posts within the Inspiration blog easy to navigate – and they can always be tucked away to deliver more space for content on smaller screens.

Carousels, tabbed sections and accordion sections keep the presentation of content varied and interesting – allowing multiple levels of content to be accessed from the same page – especially useful when viewing on a smartphone.

Navigation dead ends are a thing of the past with push panels at the foot of each page encouraging the user to explore further.

Bespoke parallax scrolling animates a newly created section that highlights how Kikkoman appeals to all five senses while the process and history of Kikkoman Soy Sauce production delivers the provenance detail beloved of foodie fans.

Access to the Kikkoman Pro site for professional chefs is now much clearer and the structure and content of the site more closely targeted at the food service audience – with special attention being paid to promoting the Kikkoman Masters professional talent competition.